Standard Sizing

  • Small

    Our small bag measures 9" x 12" and can fit small gifts like candles, coffee mugs, and stocking stuffers.

  • Medium

    Our medium bag measures 12" x 16" and can fit things like a pair of slippers or a bottle of wine.

  • Large

    Our large bag is 16" x 20" and is able to fit larger gifts like board games, or most shoes boxes.

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Extended Sizing

  • Extra Large

    Our extra large measures 20"x22" and is great for toy storage, laundry, blankets, or diapers (think Diaper Raffle!).

  • Large Flat Bottom

    Our large flat bottom measures 16"x4"x20", similar to our standard large size but better suited for items with more depth.

  • Extra Large Flat Bottom

    Our extra large flat bottom measures 20"x4"x22", and is suited for items with more depth. Great for baby food blenders, bottle drying racks, dolls, or building block sets.

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Sized Just Right for Every Occasion

With gifts ranging in size and shape, finding the right size can be a challenge. In this collection of reference photos, we offer a handy guide to help you match your gift with the right-sized fabric bag. Tip: Large 16"x20" is the most popular size and fits most medium-large sized gifts.

Flat Bottom Bags

The newest addition to our growing collection, Flat Bottom sizes add 4" to the bottom of the bag, making it the better choice for larger gifts with more depth. Available in Large (16"x4"x20") and Extra Large (20"x4"x22").