Making life and its celebrations easier, one bag at a time.

Busy lives are overwhelming. We can all relate to that, right?!

At Gather & Knot, we're tired of the hassle that comes with gift giving and the never-ending amounts of waste. So, we're doing something about it. Our reusable gift bags will give you more of one of life's most precious gifts; quality time with the people you love. Together, we'll work towards simplifying everyday moments and make gift-giving occasions a breeze.

  • Picture This:

    It’s the night before
    Christmas, and I’m knee-deep in wrapping paper, surrounded by twisted tape and scattered ribbons thinking of how in only a few short hours, I’m going to be drowning in all of this paper.

  • I Wasn't Alone

    I sat back in frustration, thinking how many parents must feel the same, not just on Christmas, but for any gift giving occasion. Then I heard a voice, “There has to be a better way!” And that’s when it hit me: reusable fabric gift bags!

  • The Ultimate Solution

    Gather & Knot has not only saved my sanity, but it's revolutionizing gift-giving for busy families.  Giving back more time, more peace, more presence….so they can have their cake and eat it too 😊   

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Meet Kristel - Mom, Wife, and Founder of Gather & Knot

Whether she's cheering at her son's baseball games, doting at her daughter's dance recitals, enjoying date nights with her husband, or tackling her 9 to 5 grind, Kristel thrives on keeping her busy life refreshingly uncomplicated.

Those who know her well can attest – she's all about organization, hates waste, and loves indulging in afternoon naps (and snacks!). Driven by a craving for creativity and an entrepreneurial itch, Kristel founded Gather & Knot as a way to make life and gift wrap simpler.

The Gather & Knot Mission

As Moms, we know firsthand the chaos of juggling family, work, and everything in between. That's why we're dedicated to providing a hassle-free solution to gift giving. Our reusable gift bags are practical, fun, and a statement of thoughtfulness and convenience.

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